Febuary Half Term Activities In Seaton Valley


Activities for Young People – ‘make-a-move!’

‘Make-a-Move’ Leisure Inclusion team organise and deliver a variety of activities for young people. Programmes range from traditional sports such as football and netball to alternative forms of leisure such as hip hop and surfing. Many of the activities are based at Concordia Leisure Centre, Blyth Sports Centre or Sporting Club Cramlington, but there are a large number that take place in other locations indoors or outdoors.

February activities include:

Sports Roadshow

These sessions provide a taster into various sports, and give young people the opportunity to learn new skills. Equipment for all sessions is provided.  Please wear comfortable clothing and we do recommend you bring a drink!  Turn up to register. Sessions are outdoors and weather permitting.

All About Me

These sessions take place over 4 days and to qualify for the pamper session you must attend the activity and workshop days. These sessions are designed to focus on: Self-esteem and confidence building, Healthy body image and well being, Media image, Fun, active fitness sessions Including Hip Hop dance and salsa, Pamper techniques and relaxation sessions including applying face masks, nail art and make up school.

Disclaimer We have tried to make sure that none of our products used during this activity contain nuts or fish traces. However we are NOT LIABLE for any allergic reactions that occur through the use of our products if they have not been disclosed on the parent consent form. If you have any concerns please contact your GP prior to attending the session.

Monday 18th February

1.00pm – 3.00pm

Sports Road Show at Seaton Sluice First School

6 to 14 years no booking required 50p per child

Tuesday 19th February

10am – 1.00pm

All About Me

Seaton Sluice community centre

13 to 17 years    must book  £1.00

Wednesday 20th February

10am – 12 noon                                      10am – 1pm

Sports Road Show                                  All About Me

New Hartley MUGGA                              Seaton Sluice community centre

6 – 14 years                                            13 – 17 years

no booking required  50p per child             Must Book £1.00

Thursday 21st February

10am – 12 noon                                       10am – 1pm

Sports Road Show                                   All About Me

Holywell First School                               Seaton Sluice community centre

6 – 14 years                                            13 – 17 years

no booking required  50p per child             must book  £1.00

Friday 22nd February

10am – 1pm

All About Me

Seaton Sluice community centre

13 – 17 years

must book  £1.00

For more information about other make a move activities across Blyth Valley contact Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure on 01670 542267 or click on the link http://www.bval.co.uk/Default.aspx?page=315



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