No to Landfill Planning Meeting and Bus Times


It has now been confirmed that the Northumberland County Council Planning

Committee meeting to consider SITA’s planning application is to be held on:–

Tuesday 29th July 2008 at County Hall, Morpeth at 6pm.

NoToLandfill will provide free of charge return buses for residents to be able to attend and make their feelings known at the meeting, please come and offer as much support as possible, bring family, friends, neighbours, tell everyone about this it is very important. Bring placards, signs, bin bags full of paper, anything that will make members realize that we do not want this Landfill Site anymore.

Bus 1:

4.30pm Cannon Pub, Earsdon

4.32pm Old School House, East Holywell

4.35pm Backworth Community Hall

4.37pm Deuchars Pub, Backworth

5.00pm County Hall, Morpeth

Bus 2:

4.30pm Elsdon Avenue Shops, Seaton Delaval

4.35pm Bus stop by the Co-op Chemist, Station Road, Seghill

5.00pm County Hall Morpeth

Return at end of Planning Meeting

Copies of our petition, signed by over 5000 objectors, and the online petition with 300 more names have now been handed in to Northumberland and North Tyneside Councils. These have been acknowledged and will be reported to the planning committee members.

Why should our area be the dustbin for all Tyneside’s waste?

Don’t they think we have suffered the SMELLS, TRAFFIC, LITTER, NOISE, VERMIN, FLIES for long enough?

Tell them . . . .

You have no right to inflict this on our families and future generations.

40 years is more than enough: & this proposal could mean another 40.

Say NO to landfill. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

YOU CAN CONTACT US ON 07932-896842


One Response to “No to Landfill Planning Meeting and Bus Times”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just to add to No to Landfill campaign for Seghill and Seaton Delaval: there is an absolutely horrible smell coming out of the landsite this evening. It is so strong that I felt sick just walking in Seaton Delaval. I don’t know what they are doing there but this is absolutely unacceptable and needs to be stopped straight away. It will be impossible to live in the area if this is repeated.
    I am thinking about contacting the Council about this as well.

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